Key highlights from the commemoration of the International day of older people 2018 in Rwanda

NSINDAGIZA Organization is committed to promote the rights and welfare of older people, through advocacy and community awareness campaigns, targeting older people’s families, community members, civil society and Government officials. This year’s global theme was “Recognizing older campaigners”, in Rwanda it was “Self-reliance for everyone: Foundation for ageing with dignity”. We applaud the effort made by the Government of Rwanda to make successful this year’s IDOP at all levels. Below are key highlights from the International Day of Older Persons:

  • The IDOP 2018 was commemorated countrywide and the high level officials mobilized by the Ministry of Local Government and Social Protection. Awareness was increased at district level with a strong involvement of older people, two meetings set up prior to the IDOP, with relevant officials to discuss the national elderly policy.
  • Tripartite meeting that brought together Government institutions (MINALOC, MINIJUST, MINAFFET, REAF, RSSB…), civil society and the National commission for Human Rights. Older people were given the opportunity to share their feelings and views on what the Universal Declaration of Human Rights means for them and NSINDAGIZA shared the outcomes from the UN Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing and encouraged the Government of Rwanda and the National Commission for Human Rights to join others in advocating for the UN Convention on the rights of older people. The meeting served as a platform for older people to share their views.
  • Other actors organized IDOP 2018 related events including Humanity and Inclusion (former Handicap International) in Mahama refugee camp, in collaboration with Caritas Rwanda, Rwanda Red Cross and Save the Children. Presbyterian Church in some parishes, and individuals organized home visits and support to the elderly in their community.
  • Strong partnership with the National Commission of Human Rights during the organization and implementation of the IDOP 2018
  • Strong media engagement, where older people were called to talk on different radio stations about the ageing issues and older people were requested to advise the community on how to sustain cultural values. Different radios and magazines were interested to talk about ageing issues and the community was given the opportunity to share their concerns.

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