About Us

Twenty years after genocide against Tutsi in 1994, the survivors and other people who lost or separated from their family members, reached the old age, they are isolated, jobless, poor, weaker, hopeless and neglected. The idea of NSINDAGIZA started as a dream of some people who had the vision to support the elderly of their native area, but they didn’t know how to do it alone; the needs were huge compared to their capacity. They finally decided to connect with some friends who would be interested in that vision, and the idea is to bring together all of those national, regional and international well hearted committed to that vision. The idea is also based on the international instruments including Universal declaration of human rights.



Meaning of the term “NSINDAGIZA”: This concept is used when a weaker pilgrim is asking the strongest to support him/her by taking his/her hand and together they make easier the task/journey. It has the idea of committing long-term to the care of elderly or really sick people, no matter how unpromising the outlook may be.


Our Vision

The Vision of NSINDAGIZA is the increased rights respect, wellbeing and care for the most vulnerable older women and men


Our Mission

To provide support and care to the most vulnerable older persons in order to increase the respect of their rights, wellbeing and aspirations.


Our Values

Passion for the elderly, compassion, human dignity, generosity, humility, hope for the future, networking.


Focus Group

All people aged of 60 years and above, especially those abandoned (who live alone), disabled and those who suffer from non-communicable diseases(NCDs) and HIV/AIDS.



NSINDAGIZA is member of the International Federation of Older People (PIAPA), it is working in partnership with local authorities, youth groups, women’s network, church leaders, opinion leaders and the Rwandan association of the retirees (ARR).

Want to help?

NSINDAGIZA Organization welcomes anyone interested in joining our efforts to promote the rights and welfare of older persons.NSINDAGIZA Organization is always ready to partner with any donor to support our elderly women and men with retirement package.
We call on well-wisher donors to support NSINDAGIZA projects so that we may be able to help out our vulnerable and needy older women and men.