Old women and men are interested in helping the Rwandan youth by teaching them the Rwandan values.

NSINDAGIZA Organization welcomes anyone interested in joining our efforts to promote the rights and welfare of older persons.NSINDAGIZA Organization is always ready to partner with any donor to support our elderly women and men with retirement package. We call upon well-wisher donors to support NSINDAGIZA Organization through the following ways

Financial Support

You can Get Involved by Donating Money that will help improve the lifestyle and wellbeing of the elderly.

Bank Account

These are our bank accounts in Bank Of Kigali: 00256 0652097 22 RWF or 00256 0652097 22 USD.
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Technical Support & Volunteerism

You can help the elderly by Volunteering and providing technical support to our programs, such as health providers who assist in the health and wellness of the elderly.

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